Park Update

April 19, 2016
  • Park Update

The Chicago Park District has sent bike park plans out to bid for a spring start to construction. This is the second time that park construction opened for bidding; last fall's bid letting attempt failed to find an acceptable bid.

Since then, the Chicago Park District and the park designers from Hitchcock Design have met with last fall's bidders to find out how to make the park a more attractive project for potential construction firms.

The plans that firms are bidding on include:

  • Multi-purpose trails for biking, walking, running
  • Tot track for the youngest riders
  • Small pump track
  • Large pump track
  • Jump lines
  • Flow trail
  • Singletrack trails
  • Cyclocross course, including sand pits and stair run up
  • Natural area improvement

Last fall was a tough bid environment for all sorts of trail projects in Illinois. Construction firms have been bidding much more aggressively so far in 2016, so we're stoked! We'll update everyone when a contract is accepted. Keep rubber side down until then!